GFT Group Inc. offers a technology for code obfuscation and encryption for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Advanced Scripting commands, the Petrana Code Mangler.  Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a state-of-the-art commercial speech-recognition program from Nuance (formerly ScanSoft Corp.).  Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, Medical, and Legal support Advanced Scripting commands which are written in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).  The Petrana Code Mangler enables third-party developers of add-on software  for Dragon NaturallySpeaking to increase revenues by offering obfuscated trial versions of their software for evaluation by potential customers, by offering obfuscated sale  versions of their software that require an activation key, and by reducing the risks of software piracy and reverse engineering  of Dragon NaturallySpeaking add-on software.


A fundamental problem for third-party developers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking software is that Dragon NaturallySpeaking Advanced Scripting commands are written in human readable Visual Basic for Applications and may be viewed and copied easily by customers, resellers, and others.  By removing human readable information where possible and encrypting human readable information otherwise, the Petrana Code Mangler reduces the risks of software piracy and reverse engineering and enables third-party developers to more easily protect and market their valuable software add-ons for Dragon NaturallySpeaking.


GFT Group Inc. has used the Petrana Code Mangler successfully for its own products: the Petrana Voice Commands for DVD and the Petrana Voice Commands for Outlook Express.  Trial versions of the Petrana Voice Commands for DVD and the Petrana Voice  Commands for Outlook Express are available on the homepage of the Petrana web site  These trial versions demonstrate the code obfuscation and encryption and can be used a maximum of 100 times.  The URLs for the trial command sets are:


These files are self extracting executables generated using WinZip containing Dragon NaturallySpeaking Advanced Scripting command sets in Dragon NaturallySpeaking XML or DAT formats and associated documentation.  The commands are assigned to command groups Petrana_DVD and Petrana_mail respectively for easy management and removal.  All commands except for "get mail" begin with "Petrana" in part to avoid conflicts with other user-defined commands.  These features make the command sets safe to import into Dragon NaturallySpeaking and easy to remove.


The Petrana Code Mangler removes comment lines, replaces human readable variable and function names with nonsense strings,  encrypts quoted strings, and adds spurious nonfunctional code to Advanced Scripting commands to make reverse engineering and  piracy more difficult.  The Petrana Code Mangler generates fully functional obfuscated versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Advanced Scripting commands.  The obfuscated commands will work with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, Medical, or Legal.  No additional software is required.  Most human readable information is completely removed from the obfuscated commands and cannot be recovered by breaking the encryption used for quoted strings and other information that cannot be discarded completely.


The Petrana Code Mangler can also add time bombs to create trial versions of the software.  The Petrana Code Mangler can also add activation code that requests a customer specific activation key before the command will work.  The Petrana Code Mangler is implemented as a set a voice commands for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional, Medical, or Legal.  The Petrana Code Mangler will not work with lesser versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking such as the Preferred or Standard versions which do not support Advanced Scripting commands.


The Petrana Code Mangler can be licensed from GFT Group Inc..  Some customization for specific projects may be required.


GFT Group Inc. is a private research and development and consulting company with offices in Mountain View, California and Maryland.  GFT Group Inc. markets Petrana.  Petrana is an artificial personal assistant who talks to the computer user in  spoken English and operates computer applications for the user easily, comfortably, and enjoyably, giving the user free use  of his or her hands and freedom of movement.


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