Petrana Audio Mailer Troubleshooting Instructions


Petrana Audio Mailer Troubleshooting Instructions

The Petrana Audio Mailer has been tested and run extensively on many Windows XP personal computers. Here are some common items to check if you encounter problems installing or running the Petrana Audio Mailer:

o The Petrana Audio Mailer version 1.2 (current as of April 2007) does not support Windows Vista. Please install and run the program on Windows XP. Windows Vista support is under development.

o Please note: the Petrana Audio Mailer should be installed and run on Windows XP from a Computer administrator account. It will neither install correctly nor run correctly from a Limited Account. You can determine the type of a user account on Windows XP by bringing up the Windows Control Panel (Start | Control Panel) and double clicking on the User Accounts icon to launch the User Accounts control applet. The User Accounts control applet will display a list of user accounts. Underneath each account name is the account type such as:

Petrana Test Account
Computer administrator

An error such as "Path/file access error" may indicate that the user account lacks privileges to create the files created by the Petrana Audio Mailer. It may indicate other file permission or file access problems on your system.

o The Windows operating system may be unstable or performing poorly. Please try rebooting your computer, freeing at least 5% (15% preferred) of your hard drive, defragmenting your hard disk, and updating Windows XP to the latest stable release of the operating system. Windows XP performance often degrades significantly within a day or two of rebooting. Occasionally, Windows XP may degrade faster.

o The Petrana Audio Mailer may fail if Microsoft Speech is not working correctly on your system. To check that the speech recognition system, Microsoft Speech, is installed and working, bring up the Windows Control Panel (Start | Control Panel) and double click on the Speech icon to launch the Speech Properties control applet. There is a problem if there is no Speech icon in the control panel. Please use the Speech Properties control applet to train Microsoft Speech for your voice which will help verify that Microsoft Speech is installed and functioning correctly. Please use the Speech Properties control applet to check and configure your microphone and audio device. Click on the Text To Speech tab to check and test text to speech, Petrana's speaking voice.

o The Petrana Audio Mailer may fail if your microphone or associated audio device drivers are not working correctly. Please use the Sounds and Audio Devices control applet in the Windows Control Panel to extensively check, configure, and troubleshoot your audio devices and microphone.

o For technical support, to report a bug, or to suggest a feature, please send e-mail to:

John F. McGowan, Ph.D.

For further information, please visit the Petrana web site:

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